Sustainability works in conjunction with its partner Gelato.
Gelato is a technology company that, with constant improvements, is on a journey to make printing more sustainable.

This is how the planet benefits

Local production reduces carbon emissions
As a result of local production in 34 markets and reduced transportation distances you reduce carbon emissions on each order.

On-demand production reduces waste and use of resources
All products are digitally printed on demand when your customers buy them and avoid excess production ending up in landfill.

We use responsibly sourced & sustainable products
All our products are made with responsibly sourced and sustainable materials.

Product safety
All products are produced in accordance with international and national product safety regulations.

Quality that lasts
We work with suppliers that offer high-quality products that we hope will be enjoyed and used over and over again for a long period of time.

A sustainable value chain
By printing locally with Gelato you support local communities. We continuously work to make our value chain even more sustainable by setting high requirements, following up and developing our suppliers.

✔ High sustainability requirements towards suppliers.
✔ All print partners have signed Gelato's Supplier Code of Conduct.
✔ A rigid and efficient compliance process to minimize risks in the supply chain.
✔ Suppliers can be subject to on-location inspections.

Tech & innovation
Our advanced print cloud technology gives access to the latest and most efficient print technologies.Partnerships & Collaborations
We collaborate with partners, suppliers and NGOs to make printing more sustainable.

Transparency & ethics
Policies and guidelines are in place to ensure ethical business practices , relationships and transparency.

Gelato is a UN Global compact participant
Gelato is a participant of UN Global compact since January 2020. We are fully committed to take actions to support the UN goals, the SDGs and align our operations and strategies with the UN Global compact's ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

UN Global

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