Be Your Mentor is a Norwegian registered company specializing in the sale of clothing with unique designs with a high degree of social and environmental responsibility.

Our goal is that you can enjoy products that reflect your unique way of living expressed in graphic ideas. Unique products that reflect your philosophy and lifestyle. As a company, we applaud the difference and the uniqueness. In this world of serial production, we want to be different. Our designers constantly create new designs that express the feelings and ideas of our customers. We also have designs from outside artists.
Our clients value the professional production and dedication of our products as the 100% quality guarantee of our products.
Thanks to local production we can deliver quickly as well as reduce the impact on the environment. We work hard to always offer the best service and products. Also we always use the latest technologies for a better result in our products as well as reducing the environmental impact.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Please write to us if you want to share something with us and would simply like to see some kind of special designs in our collection.

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